Sweatcoin: Picoworkers 任務派發文字參考






Sweatcoin: Download + Install + Sign up

What is expected from workers?

  1. Go to: https://sweatcoin.digital/i/paulchitchat Check out this free app — It Pays to Walk
  2. Click \”Accept Invite\” install the App and Sign Up with Google Account
  3. Verify your account by giving the App permission to start counting your steps and Earn Money for walking(Please run the APP and the step values must be over 50.
  4. You must be a New User, you will not get PAID if you installed the app before, even if you create a new account.

Required proof that task was finished?

  1. Your Sweatcoin account username.
  2. Screenshot the confirmation email you received from Sweatcoin. The text must be with the sentence “Thanks for accepting Chengchung’s invite!?
  3. Show me you really run the APP. Step values are over 50 Steps and the “sweatcoin balance” is over 0 without watching an advertisement.